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Our Roots

It's an unlikely story with impossible odds.

Would you believe me if I told you God gave me a vision for a kombucha brewery before I had ever actually made kombucha? I had tried it before, but I didn't even like it. I must be crazy right? I mean, it made no logical sense. True story.

It was the summer of 2015 and several years of brokenness had led me to discover an abundance in God - a permanently passionate love, constantly flowing 100% towards me. One summer evening in July talking with God, He drops this vision in my heart. I remember saying to God, "What would I even call it?" And as quickly as I asked, He answered, "Undone." It was so symbolic to the season of my life, as well as perfectly fitting for raw unpasteurized kombucha. 

I couldn't sleep that night or the next several nights. I shared the vision with a few close family members and mentors. I remember one of my mentors saying, "It's so crazy, it must be God."  THAT is how it all began.

I read, researched and experimented. A dear friend gave me my first SCOBY and I started making kombucha in my home kitchen. Guys, my first few batches, ewwwww, I couldn't even. Surely I would need so much more research and experimenting. After lots of trial and error and working with the highest quality ingredients I could find, it began tasting better and better, and I started sharing it with friends and family. The response was so surprising. They didn't just like it, they loved it. 

Now here we are almost two years later, God + an incredible support system of brilliant mentors, friends and family and the vision of Undone Kombucha has come to life. 

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our mission

Undone creates raw, craft-fermented beverages using the highest quality organic ingredients to support a natural health and wellness lifestyle. We believe in the power of a thriving local community and in cultivating growth to impact and inspire change in a world beyond our own. 



Our Brews

Our kombucha is hand crafted in small batches, made with purified water and the highest-quality organic ingredients available. We start with loose leaf organic teas and add organic botanicals (dried herbs, roots and fruits). When available, we love to work with local farmers for specialty small batch seasonal flavors.

Our current flavors are Ginger Mint, Lavender Lemongrass, and Sassy Beet. Our Spring and Summer seasonal brew is Strawberry Lemonade, featuring local berries! We are currently working on our fall and winter flavors and will release those details soon!

You can find us on tap at Brio Coffeehouse, C & C Coffee Company, Denim CoffeeOne North Coffee and Bake Shop, Orchards Restaurant, Pure and Simple Cafe, and seasonally at Northsquare Farmer's Market

We are working hard to bring Undone Kombucha from taps to your fridge. Stop back and check for updates soon! 



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